Monday, 22 November 2010

Fela House of Horror...

It may come as a surprise to some but I'm a huge horror movie fan and recently I've been on a major zombie kick!

Could it be the current climate where you're meant to vote like a zombie for a policitian or 'musican' on tv - who knows what I do know is...

...I got a new show! If you aint' seen it already it's called The Walking Dead and it's killer. And what's crazsy is it stars British actor Andrew Lincoln form Teachers and This Life - that's a power move!

Oh yeah the zombies in this show look great and are kinda slow! I'm not wiht all the fast zombie stuff - If you're dead it's highly unlikely you'd be fitter than alive, when you're...rotting. :p

The show is a tiny bit Lost/Prison Breakish with the cliffhangers and slowly expaniding cast and plot but that should only make it more pupular with most folks I imagine.

I'm sure you can watch it online somewhere, though of course I do not endrorse that type of things in any shape or form!

Also Rec and Rec 2 (a Spanish zombie franchise that started in 2009) are great movies. Anything that can make me watch sub-titles gotta be crazy!

Google 'em

Update - the homie Combat Jack (hip hop lawyer and guru) just did a review of the latest episode here! Spooky...

Oh and the Fela Kuti reference...Well here's my favourite Zombie track of all time, by Fela 'Carrying Death in his Pouch' (appriorate!) Kuti, called ...Zombie (FUN FACT - Zombies originate in Western culture from Haitian voodoo - whcih comes from Juju, which comes from...Nigeria!):

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Thursday, 18 November 2010


Crazy Hot Girls! You can't beat em! Yes they are CRAZY but they are also HOT! And so with now further ado here's the new SLASH:

Strippers, Booty, Bondage, Knives - what's not to like???

Fergie - got pipes AND a booty, who knew?

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hate Me Now

More for the sentiment than the song:

From the days when 'Diddy' was universally known as Puff Daddy and was known to hit you in the head with a champagne bottle if you got him upset - allegedly...

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the youth are getting restless

And so it begins...

This country is in a real state. The government is very out of touch with it’s own electorate and faces a lot more action of this nature. The violence has been roundly condemned however it’s the ‘shock’ with which it has been greeted that is most telling. Over 50,000 students converged on Westminster yesterday Nov 10 2010 and I think both the government and police were actually surprised – I’m generally very cynical and am still not entirely convinced – but I think it is true that the ‘coalition’ completely underestimated the depth of feeling they are arousing with their policies.

It’s as if the government have found a new toy and are running amok with it – cut, cut, cut. The reality is that in a recession making things tougher is hardly going to improve people’s prospects and very importantly their morale.

It’s clear that the Tories want to turn back time but the truth is you just cannot do that. Once the general populous has been given the promise of a better life they are not just going to give it up. Cutting everything and creating false accountability via internet sites is not really going to cause the confusion they hope. People who watch X-Factor do kinda know it’s rigged, kinda know their votes don’t count – but it’s entertainment it’s not real life. The voting system for government is mean to be somehow representative of the electorate’s views – albeit heavily compromised. With this latest administration however it’s clear that many voters have been completely betrayed. There will be more strikes, more protests and more pain unfortunately.

The remaining apathetic ‘middle’ classes will actually become less ambivalent over the next few months when they realise the cuts do in fact also mean them too. The poor are always the first to suffer but it won’t only be people with 2 pennies to rub together who are going to feel the effects. As for the Liberal Democrats – they are in a world of shit. If you never thought you’d be in power and you suddenly get it it’s like your big brother finally inviting you out with his mates and you do whatever he says but after a while you’re gonna feel like he’s taking the piss. By then it’s too late and the roles have already been written – the Lib Dems will be the scapegoats because we all know what the Tories are about. Labour are just gonna shut up and watch it fall apart.

The truth, yes the truth, is that we need a more modern way of looking at society – we are living longer, expecting more and wanting to work for it less. We do want more leisure time, more choice and to own our homes. But someone has to pay for it all. But there is something intrinsically very, very wrong when financial institutions – often through fraud creating mountains of debt and then are bailed out and everyone else has to bear the brunt.

Then we are told ‘we are all in this together’ while ministers run back to their cosy homes and hide behind the most empty rhetoric I’ve heard in – well for ever. But government has to realise that their ivory towers are a lot shorter these days, they’ve given the ‘public’ the opportunity to peer in and not everyone is happy with what they see. Trying to turn back the clock won’t work – the age of mass communication has put paid to that. Essentially restricting education to the well off is a strategy rooted in the worst type of folly – nostalgia. Unless we want this country to be an archaic anachronistic postcard where inbred toffs preside over heaving uneducated masses we need to find another way. Not some Utopic vision but something pragmatic, practical and non knee-jerk and reactionary.

With their latest set of actions it’s cringeworthingly apparent what a far way world the Tories(sorry coalition) live in – Cameron runs off to one of the most chronic human rights violating regimes in the world for cash and yet tell people at home to behave!? Duncan-Smith fails to realise that making poverty essentially a crime punishable with forced labour is even in the least bit backward!? And there’s a strike at least every other week liek it's a lotto rollover! The CONDEM(NED) hope that by playing on people's selfish instincts they will keep people from seeing the bigger picture but I think it's that self same selfish instinct that will be their undoing - because this way forward helps no one but the VERY few and that's just not enough votes. I’m still reeling thinking I’m watching actors in parliament play out a Dostoevsky or Kafka novel.

The youth are getting restless, but soon it won’t just be the youth...

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

I’m loving it...and other Oscar winning performances

If you’ve read this blog you are probably aware by now that occasionally, I do a little TV work. It’s all part of a cunning plan to work my way on to the big screen and be a huge movie star! ;-) it’s funny, people say – ‘ah you’re acting now!’ not really but it’s good fun and I don’t turn down any roles so if you do require my ample acting skills – well I’m available! ;-)

This is my latest for that little known fast food chain – McDonalds! Yeah, yeah, yeah – it’s controversial I know – but I don't care - it was actually kinda fun – and no i didn’t have to/get to eat the wrap! In fact the wrap had make up – I kid you not, it wouldn’t have been very tasty! The concept behind the ad was that the Wraps are so tasty that you’ll have to do everything with one hand so you can hold and (presumably) eat them. It felt all little like the X-men or Misfits - one armed - rubix cube girl, guitar guy, piano girl, drum guy, etc...

I just saw this one the other day! Now I’m not gonna reveal any details but a VERY good time was had by all. Kopparberg know how to party – I can therefore fully endorse all their products – definitely not the hardest job I’ve ever had! ;-)

This has to be of my favourites! Got a little feature spot! My name got mentioned, got a line and that’s even me playing guitar on the ad (dubbed it on after!) – which was nice! Met Goldie – who was cool as fuck! Dizzee rolled up in the Porsche – as u do! The crew were cool, the food was good! Sheeeet – it was a great day!

This was my first! I’ll never forget it – like they say – it stays with you forever. BBC Africa! Thrown in at the deep end I was called on to play a Nigerian football supporter, and I am...a Nigerian football supporter. A stretch indeed! ;-) As for the Nigerian performance in the 2010 World Cup – not so ‘FANTASTIC’

Hope you enjoyed these clikps, the were all fun to make and i look forward to doing more. Pass the BAFTAS! ;-)

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Come get SUPA SUPA NASTEEE with us at our first gig since the Le Printemps des Nefs festival in Nantes, France.

We'll be playing the new single Supa Nasteee!

We'll also be shooting a video - so get your face/arm/leg in it!

Here's a clip from France - they were loud! Some come on London let's make this one even LOUDER!!!

See you there!
O2 Academy 2 Islington, N1 Centre,
16 Parkfield Street, Islington,
Tickets: £7.00 in advance

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Interview with a Yinka – Vol 1 - Norwood Fisher (Fishbone)

I first threatened to do this a few months ago and I’ve got it together! Over the last year or so I’ve had the opportunity to interview some v interesting musicians in my capacity as co-host of the Is Black Music on the award winning Resonance FM. So I’ve dug in the crates, been through the vaults, etc., etc. and I have picked out some great interviews, here are some of the folks you'll hear me rapping with:

Vernon Reid (Living Colour)
Saul Williams
Matthew Morgan (founder of Afro Punk)
Anthony Joseph

And starting this week with : Norwood Fisher (critically acclaimed poet and leader of the Spasm Band)
Part 1

Fishbone interview norwood 050609 pt1 by Sabatta

Part 2
Fishbone interview norwood 050609 pt2 by Sabatta

Part 3
Fishbone interview norwood 050609 pt3 by Sabatta

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